Me: I'm just making it up for attention, I'm not actually plural. My headmates: am I a joke to you?

We're an introject-heavy system thanks to hyperfixations galore. We're Motherfuckers Squared. Please use they/them unless told or noted otherwise in our headmate list. We prefer to be referred to as headmates, but we're not too picky. We figured out we were plural in July of 2020 and are still learning about everyone in our head. Our body is over 18. You can check our etiquette questionaire for specific interaction boundaries.

The majority of us like some form of art, usually drawing. Some of us can't draw for shit, but music's pretty popular. We have a laundry list of mental health issues and are chronically ill. Treat us with patience and respect. We're still getting used to all this and are very anxious about interacting with people as ourselves.

We still struggle a lot with doubt.

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