Sal "Sally Face" Fisher

He/they, ghost hunter extraordinaire

I'm a fictive from Sally Face. I'm pretty fucking awkward when it comes to talking to people. I'm just very socially awkward. God, perceiving yourself is hard! I'm an artist, a ghost hunter, and overall fucking nerd. I like music- I used to be able to play the guitar until I came here, but now I don't remember how and it fucking sucks. I don't even have a guitar. Mentowl iwlnwess luv owo. I'm a fucking wreck to put it simply. I have an awful lot of trauma- fucking hell. I like cats and I used to own one- he was a ginger tabby named Gizmo and he was a fat fucking weirdo. I don't even think he was a cat. He regularly took baths with a shower cap and he would sit on the couch like a regular fucking person and watch TV. He was weird but I loved him to death. Gotta love cats, man.

All I've really got to say overall is that I'm just a bundle of trauma. That's what I am- trauma. Yay.

Things did go a bit differently where I came from in comparison to the canon game. A lot of shit went weird, to say the least. It feels like a shittily-written fanfiction. It feels like some fucking middle schooler got attached to the game and wrote some random shit on Wattpad to be edgy. I don't really have a whole lot else to say. I'm just fucked.