A black cat being petted.
  • I would prefer to keep my blog 18+ if possible. I post suggestive things that could be viewed as NSFW.
  • I am a system, but I won't be participating in any sys-course whatsoever, for my own mental health.
  • Please tell me if you want me to tag anything on my blog if it squicks or triggers you! I won't mind!
  • I would prefer if any yandere aesthetic blogs didn't follow me, as I find that kind of content to be very uncomfortable.


  • You are a [Map/NoMap/L+li Supporter/Anti-Anti/DDLG/Pro-Shipper]
  • If you age up minor characters to ship with as an adult. No exceptions.
  • You are a [Radfem/"Gender Critical"/Trumed/Truscum/Terfs/Transmed/SWERF/Non-binary "Skeptic"
  • You are [LGBTQ+Phobic/Ace-Aro Excusionist/Anti-NB/Ableist/Xenophobic]
  • You uncritically support Hetalia, Vivziepop media, South Park, DSMP, or any number of media with problematic elements or creators.
  • You do not support neopronouns, MOGAI labels, or people whose pronouns do not equal their gender.
  • You ship with real people, actors, musicians, YouTubers, or their 'egos'.
  • You ship with siblings in the same AU.
  • You are a [Racist/Nazi/"Proud Boy"]
  • You are [Pro-Ana/Pro-ED]